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Hello there, my name is Filomena photographer and owner of Filomena Photography. My journey as a photographer began in 2005  when my first son was born. I would spend my days trying to get  different photos of his precious little face, fingers & toes.  After giving birth to three more children my love for photographs grew along with my love for my kids.  Since then newborn photography has exploded and became this wonderful creative art.

There are countless styles and ways to capture and preserve the exceptional times in your life.  


After spending many years photographing my kids & my friends kids, I opened my photography studio in 2019. I have a tremendous passion for what I do. I know first hand what it takes to get your kids to sit for "just one picture" or how hard it was to convince your toddler to wear uncomfortable clothes or bring a newly born 8 day old to a studio.  I love to be with my clients on a personal and professional level.  I love to work with them to bring their ideas to life or help them figure out what they are looking for.  I am completely committed to maintaining professionalism while having a great experience and beautiful product that you will look back on for years to come


Filomena Photography  

Newborn, Maternity, Family & Child photographer

Marlboro, New Jersey




Photos give us a window to our memories. 

 A blessing, a new life,  are the things we treasure and love looking back on as the years pass. A photography investment is  setting aside time to have those precious memories preserved.  Photography makes it possible to capture those moments and in turn they become a part of our story.  

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